Who captured the Bijuu in Naruto & Boruto

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➤ Theme: Who captured / controlled the Bijuu in Naruto & Boruto
➤ About the Video Content: Welcome to the Anime Note channel. In this video, I present to your attention All characters who captured the Tailed Beasts Jinchuuriki by Akatsuki Organization from the Anime Series - Naruto: Shippuden and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Consider the: jinchuriki of tailed beasts, naruto & boruto characters, naruto & boruto power levels, top list of naruto & boruto characters, naruto & boruto characters rank from the anime Naruto & Boruto. All information for the video clip is taken from open sources on the NET, discussions, etc. Enjoy watching.

➤ Time-codes:
00:00 | 1-Tailed Beast Bijuu
00:17 | 2-Tailed Beast Bijuu
00:29 | 3-Tailed Beast Bijuu
00:41 | 4-Tailed Beast Bijuu
00:53 | 5-Tailed Beast Bijuu
01:01 | 6-Tailed Beast Bijuu
01:09 | 7-Tailed Beast Bijuu
01:21 | 8-Tailed Beast Bijuu
01:41 | 9-Tailed Beast Bijuu
02:05 | Gedo Mazo Statue
02:25 | 10-Tails Beast Bijuu
02:45 | All Bijuu Captured
02:52 | Mini 10-Tails Bijuu

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