Why People Can't Get Into Long Anime

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Long running anime is the bane of any anime watcher. Everybody always has some long shows on their watch list and just keeps putting them off purely because of the time investment that they take. Yet you'll never be able to escape them as they form a big part of other people's lives and they won't stop talking about them.

Maybe you started off with Naruto but never got into Bleach so those 366 episodes are now haunting you? Or maybe you're a more recent kid who hasn't seen the Dragon Ball series and want to check out what that classic was about?

Hunter x Hunter, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fairy Tail, Hitman Reborn, One Piece, Gintama, there's no way you've seen it all but should you? Is long running anime even worth it and why is it so annoying to get into them?

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